Applying for CHASE Alliance Training Opportunities

The CHASE Alliance provides the collaborative environment required for the successful training, conduct of research, and implementation of effective health care in today's complex system. A central mission of the CHASE Alliance is to train and eudcate the community at large, healthcare stakeholders, and the next generation of researchers in comparative evaluation of healthcare strategies and health policy. CHASE Alliance centers offer focused training programs across all levels of trainee from undergraduate students to junior faculty.

  • The following CHASE Alliance participating centers offer on-line application submission for training programs:

  • Please select the training program of interest for application instructions and forms.

    To submit completed applications:

    For all other training programs, please view the main training page and email the listed contact for application materials and instructions.

    • HIPRC Pediatric Injury Research Training Program (T32)
    • Health Services Research Training (T32)
    • PORPP Allergan Post-Doctoral Fellowship
    • PORPP Pfizer Post-Doctoral Fellowship
    • SeaQol Biobehavioral Cancer Prevention and Control Training (R25)
    • VA HSR&D VA MD Fellowship
    • VA HSR&D PhD Fellowship