Survey Center

Background & Project Overview

The CHASE Alliance Survey Center was established in 2009 to support outbound survey distribution for point-of-care and long-term direct to patient follow-up for healthcare quality improvement initiatives, research studies, and technology surveillance. The CHASE Alliance Survey Center utilizes a flexible, automated, and user-friendly survey distribution and data collection infrastructure with sophisticated methods for participant contact management using cutting-edge software customized to project needs. The CHASE Alliance Survey Center optimizes participant response by utilizing multiple forms of contact (e.g., mail, phone, email, SMS text message) to reach participants and promotes long-term retention of participation by modifying future survey distribution based on participant contact and response preference. A user-friendly interface and eighth-grade language standard are incorporated into all survey formats to increase participant comprehension, as is a mechanism to translate surveys in up to 100 languages.

  • Notable Accomplishments

    The CHASE Alliance Survey Center infrastructure has been proven to effectively work across outbound survey distribution methods to support data collection across multiple institutions. Accomplishments include:

    • Over 100 unique surveys designed, developed, and distributed for quality improvement initiatives.
    • 4 longitudinal research studies supported.
    • Over 20,000 patients from across multiple clinical practice settings enrolled since 2009.
    • Consistently maintaining a 65% or better survey response rate. (industry standard ranges from 30% to 60%)
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