Welcome to the CHASE Alliance resource page. Expertise and resources have been developed and are sponsored by contributing CHASE Alliance research centers committed to cross-disciplinary research and offering economies of scales. Resources have been developed off infrastructure funding from department, gifts and grants, and built explicitly in a way to be leveraged across projects and across investigators at cost-effective prices.

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Administrative Dataset Analysis
Biomedical Informatics
Budget Development
Clinical Quality Improvement
Clinical Trials
Cultural Competence Development
Data Management Systems
Decision-Making Aids
Drug or Device Trials
Ethics Boards
Focus Groups
Grant Development
Health Disparities
Health Economics
Health Literacy
Healthcare Stakeholder Training
Human Subjects Regulatory
Information Dissemination
Modeled Health Outcomes Analysis
Multi-Site Coordinating Centers
Program Evaluation
Prospective Cohorts
Qualitative Research Analysis
Quality of Life
Secondary Analyses of Existing Data
Social Marketing
Surveillance Registries
Survey Design and Methodology
Technology Assessment