Exciting Students about Science and Technology using Materials Science

Deborah Goodwin, Chillicothe High School

Ryan Long, North County High School

John Rusin, Edmonds Community College


June 9 13, 2003 in Bonne Terre, Missouri

Course Description

Materials Science and Technology is a course proven to help students at the high school and college levels understand the role of technology in our society and to encourage them to take more courses in science, math and technology.  This five day Chautauqua course, sponsored jointly with the EMTECH program, provides instructors with hands-on experience with the Materials Science and Technology (MST) curriculum, along with needed teaching pedagogy and resources.  High school and community college instructors in technology, science or mathematics may be eligible to receive a stipend of $60/day for participating in this five-day course.  [Shared lodging is available for those traveling more than 50 miles from the site.]

Enhancement of Materials Technology for Manufacturing (EMTECH) at Edmonds Community College, Lynnwood, WA, is an NSF-funded project based on past experiences in the areas of curriculum development, teacher training and student programs in Materials Technology. Materials Science and Technology are topics that excite students' interest because the student has everyday, hands-on experience with materials.  Thus materials topics are great motivators in any engineering, technology or science course.  Materials are also a very important and an integral part of the manufacturing process.  Society needs to better understand the role of materials in everyday life.  Materials Science activities can also be used in both academic and vocational courses and thus assists in the transition for technology students across the high school-community college boundary.

For high school and community college teachers of science, technology or engineering. 

Prerequisites: none.


Deborah Goodwin and Ryan Long are science and technology teachers at High Schools in Chillicothe and Bonne Terre, MO, respectively.  They have been highly successful in developing the MST course for students, and have several years experience in leading these hands-on institutes where other teachers learn this subject.

Dr. John Rusin is Principle Investigator of the EMTECH program at Edmonds Community College, Lynwood, WA.  He is a materials scientist with experience in industry, national laboratory and in college settings.  His leadership in enhancing the education of students in science and technology has resulted in adoption of materials science in schools across the country. Further EMTECH information may be found at http://emtech.edcc.edu.


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