GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE:  Today’s news, tomorrow’s problem?

Richard Gammon, University of Washington

June 19 - 21, 2003 at Seattle, WA


Course Description

Global climate change is coupled directly with changes in the total earth system.  This course will provide an introduction to the earth as an integrated biogeochemical system. The coupled ocean-atmosphere circulation, the natural variability of weather and climate, and global biogeochemical cycling of carbon and essential life elements are presented as important factors in the system.

Man-made perturbations of the global system, such as stratospheric ozone depletion by CFC's, global climate change caused by greenhouse gases and aerosols and downward trends in global ecosystem 'services' and biotic diversity are considered in detail. Possible policy responses, both local and global, are then discussed.

Lessons from the Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto conference and beyond are then presented with discussion on how to slow global climate change.

For College and Secondary Teachers of science, engineering, public policy.

Pre-requisites:  none

Richard Gammon is a popular and frequently invited speaker in short courses on earth/ocean science for instructors at the K-12 and college levels.  He also provides briefings for business and government leaders on global climate change.  He has extensive experience as an instructor in interdisciplinary earth science courses from freshman through graduate level, including courses on Earth System Science, Environmental Chemistry and Global Biogeochemical Cycles.  He has demonstrated ability to synthesize across disciplinary boundaries and translate difficult scientific concepts to the appropriate audience level. His personal research interests span the range from chemistry, atmospheric and ocean sciences, and astronomy, to policy responses to the challenge of global climate change.  Dr. Gammon is a Professor of Chemistry, Oceanography, and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington.


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This course will be held on or near the University of Washington campus. University of Washington dorm accommodations are available for this course. Link to UW Housing/Dorms for more information.


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