Physiology for physiology and biology teachers

Harold Modell and Mary Pat Wenderoth, University of Washington

July 9 – 12, 2003 at Seattle, WA


Note:  This course will be held at a retreat location in Seattle, and participants will be required to stay at the course location.  For course costs, detail and schedule, please see                              


Course Description


This 4-day course is designed to help instructors who know the “facts” of physiology build a framework for developing a more unified understanding of physiological systems.  We will explore a set of seven general conceptual models (recurring themes) that can be used to analyze most physiological systems.  These general models are control systems, conservation of mass, mass and heat flow, elastic properties of tissues, transport across membranes, inter- and intracellular communication, and the law of mass action. 

Participants will practice applying the general models to various interacting physiological systems through a series of problem-solving activities.  We will also explore classroom strategies to help students gain an integrated understanding of physiological systems. 

The course will be held at a retreat location in Seattle.

For college teachers of: physiology and biology

Prerequisites:  At least one year of teaching physiology or the physiology component of an anatomy and physiology at the undergraduate level.


Harold Modell is a physiologist with over 25 years' experience in research and teaching.  Dr. Modell’s research focuses on active learning in the life science classroom, and he applies the results of this research to his classroom teaching.  For the past 16 years, he has also been active on a national basis to help faculty learn about ways of improving life science education.


Mary Pat Wenderoth is a physiologist with extensive teaching experience at the undergraduate level.  Dr. Wenderoth has been involved in a variety of faculty development courses and workshops aimed at helping undergraduate anatomy and physiology instructors explore new ideas for their classroom teaching.  She has also won the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award.


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