Community Outreach
and Translation

Lisa Younglove, Outreach Specialist
Ruth Woods

The overall goal of this project is to develop, implement and evaluate strategies that translate and apply the scientific findings of the Center into information that the public, policy makers and clinical professionals can use to protect the health of children.

You can download a poster to read more detailed information about this research.

Photo Red Delicious apple orchard in Yakima Valley, WA—Doug Wilson, USDA.

Specific Aims

  • Facilitate transparent data, information and knowledge exchange among scientific researchers, clinical practitioners and the public. 
  • Work in partnership with communities to translate research findings into usable information, resources, and tools.
  • Develop tools that translate, communicate and disseminate scientific findings to a broad audience of stakeholders to facilitate lasting dialogue among our Center’s audiences.
  • Research and develop ways to integrate children’s health research into a broader social and geographical context.

For more information about the work of the Risk Communication facility core, please see our Publications page or contact our outreach specialist, Lisa Younglove.

You can also learn more about the impact of our work by downloading a copy of our report "Research into Action."