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Note: Some links to news stories about the Center for Child Environmental Health Risks Research are no longer active.

Preventing Prenatal Depression
Northwest Bulletin: Family and Child Health, 2007

Chemical concerns, thalates are among a group of toxins.
KING-TV (Seattle), 2003.

Organic produce.
KPLU-FM (Tacoma, WA), 2003.

Organic food and pesticides.
KPLU-FM (Tacoma, WA), 2003.

Exposure to pesticides is lowered when young children go organic.
New York Times, 2003.

New reasons for eating organic? Study finds pesticide-free diet may be beneficial for children.
MSNBC, 2002.

UW study shows garden pesticides put children at risk.
KING-TV (Seattle), 2001.

Pesticide traces found in kids here.
Seattle Times, 2001.

Study to track pesticide exposure.
Seattle Times, 2000.

Farm workers' exposure to pesticides targeted.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2000.

Using science to help prevent birth defects: Chemicals, both natural and manufactured, need to be evaluated.
Roanoke (NY) Times, 2000.

Kids' pesticide levels unsafe.
Seattle Times, 2000.

UW study: Exposure too high in children of farmworkers.
Seattle Times, 2000.

Pesticide use takes a safety test.
Yakima (WA) Herald-Republic, 2000.

Mother's milk.
KOMO-TV (Seattle) 1999.

Pesticide ban. Two pesticides banned today from use on farms by EPA.
KOMO-TV (Seattle), 1999.

Pesticide ban. EPA is cracking down on use of two popular pesticides.
KCPQ-TV (Seattle) 1999.

Are children at risk from pesticides? UW study aims to gauge the danger.
Seattle Times, 1999.

UW department to get grant to study health risks to kids.
Seattle Times, 1998.

Major study planned on pesticides and farm workers' children.
Moscow-Pullman (ID/WA) Daily News, 1998

Centers to study children's health.
New York Times, 1998.

UW to study pesticide effects on farm workers' kids.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1998.

US boosts budget to study child pesticide risk.
Portland Oregonian, 1998.

Child Health Center funded.
Current: The newsletter of the NIEHS Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health at the University of Washington, 1998.

UW tapped for grant to study effects of pesticides on kids.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1998.

Health news.
KOMO-TV (Seattle) 1998.

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