Neurobehavioral Assessment

Thomas Burbacher, Core Director
Toby Cole
Jenna Fisher

The overall goal of this Facility Core is to conduct studies defining the effects of chronic low-level organophosphate (OP) pesticide exposure on neurobehavioral development.

You can download a poster to read more detailed information about this research.

Photo Red delicious apples in wooden crates in Yakima Valley, WA—Doug Wilson, USDA.

Specific Aims

The Neurobehavioral Assessment Facility Core provides services for the Molecular Mechanisms Research Project and the Genetic Susceptiblity Research Project such as:

  • Evaluating the functional development of the central nervous system, through the use of a Developmental Neurotoxicity Test Battery, which measures motor coordination, reflex responses, nociception, learning and memory and the appearance of developmental landmarks in mice.
  • Providing the functional link between the Molecular Mechanisms and Genetic Susceptibility research projects by connecting dose-response studies in rodents with the potential for DA-induced functional changes. This will allow us to identify critical early lifestages where exposure to domoic acid may have especially devastating long-term functional consequences.
For more information about the work of the Neurobehavioral Assessment facility core, please see our Publications page or contact the study director, Dr. Tom Burbacher.

You can also learn more about the impact of our work by downloading a copy of our report "Research into Action."