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Collaborative Research Area on Developmental Toxicology

Coordinator: Susan Astley, Ph.D. & Thomas Burbacher, Ph.D.

The general goal of this CRA is to enhance our understanding of the mechanisms by which developmental toxicants affect the central nervous system during prenatal and postnatal growth. Projects are designed to promote research that reveals the neurobehavioral effects associated with exposure to alcohol, environmental chemicals, and therapeutic drugs during pregnancy and childhood, to develop procedures for evaluating the risk of developmental toxicants, to promote adequate policies to protect public health, and to educate health care providers and the general public on the teratogenic potential of alcohol, drugs, and chemicals in an effort to prevent IDD.

Key Faculty Investigators

University of Washington • Center on Human Development and Disability Box 357920 • Seattle WA 98195-7920 USA • 206-543-7701 •