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Gary A. Stobbe, M.D., Director

The purpose of the Adults and Elders Program is to promote the health and overall quality of life of adults with developmental disabilities. This values-based program emphasizes an individual’s inclusion, self-determination, productivity, and independence. Promotion of health and quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities requires a broad effort to improve community access, inclusion, and support. Specifically, adults with developmental disabilities need and deserve safe and supportive housing options, continuing education opportunities, access to competitive jobs with living wages, quality health care and wellness programs, and opportunities to build and grow friendships. As a member of the UCEDD and the University of Washington, the Adults and Elders Program is positioned to play a central role in realizing these goals.

An emphasis is placed on addressing issues surrounding the transition from youth age to adulthood. Optimizing healthy outcomes for adults with developmental disabilities requires successful transition from support and services available in childhood and adolescence to those available in adulthood. Many barriers to successful transition currently exist including workforce shortages of knowledgeable, well-trained community health care providers, and inadequate continuing education and training opportunities. The Adults and Elders Program is focusing on the creation and implementation of innovative solutions addressing these barriers.

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