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Contact: Monica Oxford,, 206-685-6107

Core Function: Technical Assistance and Outreach Training, Information Development and Dissemination

The mission of Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training (NCAST) is to give professionals, parents, and other caregivers the necessary knowledge and skills to provide nurturing environments for young children. This goal is achieved by assisting faculty in developing and disseminating innovative research-based practice and training designed to improve outcomes for children and families.

NCAST materials and training programs are used in many disciplines and settings with typically developing children, those at risk for developmental delays, and those diagnosed with special health needs. Currently there are five main training programs and over 55 products developed by NCAST, which are disseminated annually to thousands of individuals across the United States and internationally. NCAST also offers training for service providers to promote children's social and emotional development. These training workshops include Keys to Caregiving, Parent-Child Interaction Scales (PCI), Promoting First Relationships (PFR), Promoting Maternal Mental Health During Pregnancy (PMMH) and BabyCues- A Child's First Language.

Further training opportunities highlighting the latest topics and research are also offered biennially at the NCAST Summer Institute. Approximately 300 professionals from throughout the U.S. and Canada attend the Summer Institute. Attendees represent a variety of disciplines including social work, psychology, education, mental health and nursing. Summer Institutes feature multiple nationally renowned speakers working in the area of infant mental health and also a variety of individual practice-based workshops.

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