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Mark Harniss, Director, 206-685-0289

The Center for Technology and Disability Studies (CTDS) works to advance assistive technology (AT) and accessible information systems to support individuals with disabilities in accessing opportunities in education, their community, and employment. CTDS is an interdisciplinary program that conducts research, education, advocacy, and informatics projects related to AT and accessible information systems.

An AT device is any item or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability. Many high- and low-tech devices are now available to assist people with disabilities with daily living tasks, communication, education, work, and recreation. Examples include wheelchairs, computers, assistive listening devices, magnification systems, and augmentative communication devices. Accessible information systems include products such as software applications, telecommunications, multi-media, and closed products such as copiers and fax machines that are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

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