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Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic

Contact: Gretchen Glass

For appointments: 206-598-3327
Fax referrals to: 206-598-7815, attn: CHDD UWMC Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic

Core Function: Clinical Services

There are many gaps in the care of the Down syndrome population and our clinic serves as a center for consultation regarding concerns about development and/or behavior. The Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic located on the University of Washington Medical Center campus was founded in September 2016. We focus on providing formal developmental assessments, consultation for behavioral concerns, and assessment for common medical problems that can contribute to behavior or development concerns. We will also collaborate with schools and early intervention programs to help provide the best environment for success. In addition, we can assess for the co-existence of other diagnoses such as ADHD or Autism. We are passionate about maximizing the potential for children with Down syndrome to have a balanced and successful home, school, and community life.

Clinics run on the 4th Tuesday morning of each month. The specialists available in our clinic will include: developmental behavioral pediatrics, psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social work, nutrition, genetic counseling, and audiology. Clinic staff members work in interdisciplinary teams, combining expertise to evaluate each child and make recommendations for care. Trainees also participate in hands-on and didactic training which includes assessments, parent conferences, lectures, and report writing.

At this time, we are able to see children ages 1 through 10. Insurance will typically cover these services but patients are encouraged to call their insurance company for more specific information. If you are interested in an appointment at the down syndrome specialty clinic, please have your pediatrician fax a referral to: 206-598-7815 and also fill out our intake form (pdf). The intake form can be faxed or emailed to Gretchen Glass,

More Information

Down Syndrome Specialty Clinic brochure (pdf)

University of Washington • Center on Human Development and Disability Box 357920 • Seattle WA 98195-7920 USA • 206-543-7701 •