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Pediatric Audiology Trainee Emphasis

Contacts: Lisa Mancl
For appointments call 206-598-9347

Core Function: Professional Training

This project provides a Pediatric Audiology Trainee Emphasis (PATE) for Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) students in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington. A major focus of PATE is involvement of Au.D students as long-term trainees in the LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities) program at the CHDD during the second and third years of their four-year program. Trainees receive didactic and clinical experience to prepare them to provide services in clinical, early intervention, and educational settings and to provide counseling and support services to families. They also learn to work collaboratively within interdisciplinary teams and to use their skills and knowledge to become leaders in their discipline. The project has developed a specialized curriculum and provides stipends to four trainees per year for three years. The curriculum developed for this project will be disseminated widely to help increase community capacity for pediatric audiology services.

During the first year of their Au.D program, trainees complete foundational coursework in adult and pediatric audiology. In year two, coursework focuses on specialized areas of audiology, including the hearing impaired child. Clinical practica in year two take place at CHDD, including the High Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic, the Child Development Clinic, and the Pediatric Audiology Clinic. Trainees in their second year also participate in weekly Core Seminars which offer current information in the field of maternal and child health and neurodevelopmental and related disabilities. In year three, trainees will continue required Au.D coursework, develop and present a LEND leadership project which will serve as their research project, and attend MCH Leadership Seminars at CHDD. In year four, all clinical rotations will be focused in pediatric audiology settings in the community (early education, educational audiology, and clinical pediatric audiology). During the year four counseling practicum, students will work with standardized patients who are portraying the parent of a child with hearing loss. Work with a standardized patient will supplement their clinical experience and provide them immediate and specific feedback on their counseling skills. Finally, students will work with early intervention consultants to learn strategies for working with families with newly diagnosed children and helping them to facilitate communication with their infants.

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