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Policies & Procedures

The Department of Chemistry Policies & Procedures Manual is intended to provide faculty, staff, and students easy access to essential information about policies and procedures in effect within the Department and the University of Washington. A number of benefits are expected:

  • Furtherance of agreement and understanding among all faculty, staff, and students
  • Sound, consistent, and clear interpretation and processes
  • Ease of information navigation


Department Resources

Administrative Services
General Information (pdf 24KB)


Buildings, Keys, Modification, Maintenance, Use
Building Access (pdf 77KB)
Building Maintenance & Modification Requests (pdf 142KB)

Building Security and Use (pdf 61KB)


Building Maps: Bagley Hall (BAG)
BAG Ground Floor (pdf 74KB)

BAG 1st Floor (pdf 60KB)
BAG 2nd Floor (pdf 48KB)
BAG 3rd Floor (pdf 107KB)
BAG 4th Floor (pdf 141KB)


Building Maps: Chemistry Building (CHB)

CHB Ground Floor (pdf 57KB)

CHB 1st Floor (pdf 58KB)

CHB 2nd Floor (pdf 56KB)

CHB 3rd Floor (pdf 58KB)

CHB 4th Floor (pdf 53KB)


Building Maps: Chemistry Library Building (CHL)

CHL Basement Floor (pdf 35KB)

CHL 1st Floor (pdf 40KB)

CHL 2nd Floor (pdf 24KB)


Contact Information
Department Contact Information
Department Directory
Repairs, Maintenance, Special Requests (pdf 120KB)


Department Policies and Procedures

POLICY - Teaching Evaluation (pdf 46KB)


POLICY - Administrative Mission & Department Standards (pdf 133KB)
POLICY - Alcoholic Beverages (pdf 88KB)
POLICY - Attendance (pdf 174KB)
POLICY - Conference Room Use (pdf 42KB)
POLICY - Department Telephones (pdf 52KB)
POLICY - Shipping and Personal Packages (pdf 46KB)
LINK - UW Policy Directory
PROCEDURE - Authorized Leave (pdf 105KB)
PROCEDURE - Records & Publications (pdf 37KB)
PROCEDURE - Room Reservations (pdf 87KB)


Facilities & Research
POLICY - Building Keys (pdf 112KB)
POLICY - Building Space (pdf 48KB)
POLICY - Chemistry Shops Priorities (pdf 58KB)
POLICY - First Aid and Safety Training (pdf 78KB)

POLICY & PROCEDURE - Required Safety Training for Lab Personnel (pdf 134KB)
POLICY - Laboratory Clean-Up (pdf 53KB)
POLICY - Research Services Recharge (pdf 46KB)
PROCEDURE - Department Check-Out & Laboratory Clean-Up (pdf 58KB)
PROCEDURE - Chemical Inventory (pdf 51KB)
PROCEDURE - Equipment Inventory & Surplus Property (pdf 55KB)


Purchasing & Accounting

For a complete menu of services and their corresponding policies and procedures, see the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting website

POLICY - Hosting Expenses (pdf 76KB)
POLICY - Shipping & Receiving (pdf 50KB)


Instructional & Laboratory Services

Chemical Inventory (pdf 32KB)
Laboratory Operations (pdf 136KB)


Graduate Program
Graduate Student Program Requirements
Graduate Student Appointments (pdf 97KB)


Instruments - Shops - Storeroom
Computer and Network Services (pdf 94KB)
Machine and Electronics Shops (pdf 53KB)
Research Storeroom (pdf 79KB)
Spectral & Analytical Instrumentation (pdf 40KB)

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