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Duplication Guidelines

If a course is completed before a prerequisite is taken, credit will not later be allowed for the prerequisite course.


The online UW Course Catalog provides up-to-date course descriptions and lists which quarters you can anticipate that courses will be offered in the future. Keep in mind that the online catalog is updated on a biweekly basis and may contain some incorrect data; however, in general it is very accurate source of information.

Chemistry Course Descriptions (UW Course Catalog)

Biochemistry Course Descriptions (UW Course Catalog)

The number of credits indicated below is the maximum that can be counted toward graduation from the following course groups:

CHEM 142,143,145 (6 credits);

CHEM 152,155 (5 credits);

CHEM 145,155,162 (10 credits);

CHEM 162, 165 (5 credits);

CHEM 165, 312 (5 credits);

CHEM 223, 237, 335 (4 credits);

CHEM 238, 336 (4 credits);

CHEM 224, 239, 337 (4 credits);

CHEM 241, 346 (3 credits);

CHEM 242, 347 (3 credits);

CHEM 452, 456 (3 credits).

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