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What do you need to do to prepare for lab? What should you do if you miss lab? The answers to these and other important questions can be found here:
Frequently Asked Questions for Gen Chem Labs


Grading rubric for lab notebook pages (pdf, rev 10/3/12)


Exp 1. Chemical Composition of Compounds

Exp 2. Stoichiometry I

Exp 6. Calibration Curves and an Application of Beer's Law (performed in week 5: week of 7/22)

Exp 3. Stoichiometry II (performed in week 6: week of 7/29)

Exp 4. Reactivity Trends (performed in week 7: week of 8/5)

Exp 5. Molar Mass of a Low Boiling Liquid (performed in week 8: week of 8/12)



Important!! Don't forget to complete the UG Stockroom Contract Assignment in Canvas by 12:30pm on Tuesday, July 9th (same deadline as the Prelab 1).





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