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Chem 152 Lab 1


pH meter for buffers lab


The objective of this lab is to determine and compare the buffering capacities of several solutions.


For the first part of the experiment, you will prepare solutions with various pH values by combining different ratios of acetic acid and sodium acetate solutions. For each solution, you will measure the initial pH and then, after adding either acid or base, you will measure the new pH. The buffer capacity for the solution can be calculated by dividing the moles of H+ (or OH-) added by the resulting change in pH.


In the second part of the lab, you will evaluate the buffering capacity of solutions containing the over-the-counter pain relievers aspirin and buffered aspirin.


  • Preparation for Lab
    • Combined Intro and Materials & Procedure (pdf 201 KB, rev 7/29/13)
    • Required Prelab Assignment in Catalyst (due Tuesday 8/6 at 8:00 am) This assignment may be accessed using the link on the Labs page of your course website.
    • Review Materials & Procedure section of the document provided above
    • Review Demonstration


  • In Lab
    • You do NOT need to print the intro/procedure document available above to bring to lab with you...hard copies will be provided by your TA at the start of the lab session.
    • Demonstration


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