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Chem 162 Lab 5

Spectrochemical Series

collection of filled cuvettes from spectrochemical series labThe focus of this lab is on complex ions and the Crystal Field Model. The objective of this lab is to prepare and analyze several complex ions in order to determine the spectrochemical series, which is a listing of ligands in order of their relative abilities to produce d-orbital splitting when bound to a certain metal ion.


In this lab, unidentate and bidentate copper(II) ligands will be prepared and the spectrum of each complex will be measured. Depending on the structure that the ligands adopt around a transition metal ion, different splitting of the metal ion d-orbitals arises, the energy of which is related to the observed wavelength of the complex via Planck's constant and the speed of light. The spectra of several iron and cobalt complexes will also be measured. From the data collected, you will report the spectrochemical series for each group of complexes as well as discuss the magnetic properties.

  • Prelab
    • Intro (pdf 654 KB, rev 2/24/13)
    • Required Prelab Assignment in Canvas (due Tuesday 8/13 at 11:30 am)
    • Review Materials & Procedure
    • Review Demonstration


  • In Lab
  • In-Lab Report


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