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Access to networked printers maintained by the Department of Chemistry is controlled through the Papercut software package, which bills users for printing on a per-page basis. There are three networked printers, which are only accessible via the print server




Per-page cost

129 Bagley Hall

HP4200 B/W Laser


129A Bagley Hall

Ricoh MP C307 Color Laser


304L Chemistry Building

HP 4014 B/W Laser

$0.032 ($0.027 duplex)


Printer Share Names:

Color laser printer in BAG 129A: BAG129_RICOH_C307_COLOR

Black & White laser printer in BAG 129: BAG129_HP4200

Black & White laser printer in CHB 304L: CHB304L_HP4014

If your computer is a member of the Chemistry domain you will see these printers (e.g. Bagley129_HP4200 on IPRINT) in your list of available printers. If not, you need to add the printers by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.


Access to these printers is controlled by the Papercut client software, which is the tool that allows you to select the budget to be charged for a print job. Once again, if your computer is already a member of the Chemistry domain then this software will have been automatically installed the last time you logged in. If not, you need to install the Papercut client by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.


Once this software is installed, printing to one of the public printers will automatically launch a dialog that allows you to select a budget number. Directions on how to use the Papercut client can be found here at papercut client usage instructions. The list of budgets you can select from is the same list of authorized budgets you chose from when using the departmental copiers, making a purchase from Chemistry Stores, or when making a reservation for instrument time. If you need to add budgets to this list please contact the Chemistry Purchasing & Accounting office (BAG 109).


If you have a computer that is NOT part of the Chemistry domain you will need to perform two steps in order configure your computer to allow printing to the departmental printers located in CHB 304L and BAG 129. (In Windows XP, you may check to see if your computer is on the CHEM domain by right-clicking "My Computer" and choosing "Properties" and clicking the "Computer Name" tab. If you are on the CHEM domain the "Domain" will say "". In Windows 7, you can right-click "Computer" and choose "properties" and the "Domain" will be listed in that window.)


  1. Add the shared network printer to your computer or laptop. (You will need to add each printer individually.)
  2. Install papercut client software. (You will only need to install the software once.)
  3. When printing, login and select an account.


If you have any questions regarding the installation or use of the Papercut software, or printing to common printers please contact



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