University-wide Facilities

Use of and training in other major equipment is offered by a number of university-wide facilities, such as:

  • The Nanotech User FacilityNanotechnology User Facility: located in Fluke Hall, it has instruments and training available suitable for characterization and fabrication at the micro- and nanoscale. Imaging tools include an optical microscope, a field emission scanning electron microscope, two atomic force microscopes, a scanning tunneling microscope, and a two-photon ready confocal system. Fabrication tools include soft lithography for rapid prototyping and a Nabity E-Beam Lithography system.
  • NESAC-BIO: Surface analysis, ESCA(XPS), TOF-SIMS, surface analysis microscopes, STM
  • Washington Technology Center: Microelectronics fabrication, thin film deposition, microcontact printing
  • Mass Spectrometry Facility of Department of Medicinal Chemistry: MS-MS hybrid tandem and triple quadrupole

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