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Graduate Student Financial Support

Most graduate students are supported throughout the year (including summer) by teaching and research assistantships. TAs and RAs receive a competitive salary, a full tuition waiver, and a comprehensive medical/dental/vision plan (free to the student; 50% premium for dependents). A modest student activities fee is paid by the student each quarter.

Teaching Assistants

New graduate students are awarded teaching assistantships. These offer the student an opportunity to gain teaching experience at the college level, to sharpen understanding of fundamental chemical concepts, and to practice presenting technical material to a group. Graduate students often find teaching to be among the most meaningful experiences of their education.

Research Assistants

Funds for research appointments come from grants, which provide support for research in defined areas. Graduate students are often appointed to a research assistantship after formal acceptance into a research group.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Entering and continuing graduate students are eligible to apply for special fellowships and scholarships that are awarded on a competitive basis. Fellowships in the Department of Chemistry are awarded by the Graduate Studies Committee to entering students based on outstanding scholarship. All applications to our Graduate Program are considered for the Department fellowships; no further application process is required.


Highly-qualified undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for pre-doctoral fellowships through the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Hertz Foundation at the beginning of their senior year of college.


Chemistry graduate students are eligible for Molecular Biophysics Traineeships. These usually are awarded to second-year students and are renewable for up to three years.


The Grants and Funding Information Service (GFIS) is a resource for finding funding opportunities.

Pre-doctoral Lecturers and Instructors

Students who have demonstrated outstanding teaching ability may be offered the opportunity to have complete responsibility for an undergraduate course, with a concomitant increase in stipend. This may be of special interest to students considering an academic career.

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