Graduation Requirements

Elements Of Graduate Good Standing

The progress of each student is evaluated on a quarterly basis by the Graduate Good Standing Committee, using the following Elements of Graduate Good Standing (General Accountability and Degree Progress).


Failure (without notice to the Committee of extenuating circumstances) to maintain any of the Elements of General Accountability and/or to complete the Elements of Degree Progress by the deadlines given may result in: (a) Warning from the Committee, (b) Formal Warning to the Graduate School, (c) Probation by the Graduate School (at this point, student will no longer be in Good Standing, (d) Final Probation by the Graduate School, and (e) Drop from program.


See the Graduate Program section of the Department of Chemistry Policies & Procedures Manual and the Graduate School Memorandum 16.

General Accountability

  • Maintain minimum quarterly GPA of 3.0
  • Maintain minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Maintain CPR/First Aid biennial certification
  • Discharge TA duties in a satisfactory manner
  • Take recommended seminar classes for selected research area

Degree Progress


To be completed by: 1

Be formally accepted by research group 2

End of 3rd week of Winter Quarter of first year

Complete at least 18 graded credits
(This is not always possible; however, coursework must be completed as expeditiously as possible and prior to taking the Second-Year Exam -- each course must earn a grade of 2.7 or better to be counted into the 18.)

End of Spring Quarter of first year

Complete Second-Year Examination 3

End of Spring Quarter of second year

Set up formal supervisory committee

Beginning of Autumn Quarter of third year

Complete General Examination 3

End of Spring Quarter of third year

Complete Final Examination 3

End of Summer Quarter of fifth year

1  Assuming student entered in Autumn Quarter. Students who enter in Winter or Spring quarter will be assessed by quarters of study.

2  In the event a student is not formally accepted by a research group by the deadline, continuation of funding beyond Spring Quarter of the first academic year cannot be guaranteed.

3  In the event of failure of the Second-Year Examination, General Examination or Final Examination, the student will not continue with his or her doctoral studies.



Procedures for Completing Doctoral Degree Requirements


Deadline Checklist for Final Defense (52KB pdf)


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