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Lloyd W. Burgess

Representative Publications

“Two-Photon Lithography of Platinum-Porphyrin Oxygen Sensors”,  A. C. Young, J. Dragavon, T. Strovas, T. Molter, L. Zheng, L. W. Burgess, A. K.-Y. Jen, M. E. Lidstrom, D. R. Meldrum, IEEE Sensors Journal, ( in press), (2006).

“Identification of budding yeast using a fiber-optic imaging bundle”, J. Koschwanez, M. Holl, B. Marquardt, J. Dragavon, L. Burgess, and D. Meldrum, Rev. of Sci. Instruments, Vol.75, 3, 1363 (2004)

“Ultrasonic Diffraction Grating Spectroscopy and Characterization of Fluids and Slurries,” M. S. Greenwood, A. Brodsky, L. Burgess, L.J. Bond, and M. Hamad, Ultrasonics 42, 531-536 (2004)

“Theoretical Study of the Coherent Backscattering of Light in Disordered Media”, A. Brodsky and L. W. Burgess, J. Modern Physics B, Vol. 47, Number 3, (2003)

“Toward a fully integrated positive-pressure driven microfabricated liquid analyzer”, P.G. Vahey, S.A. Smith, C.D. Costin, Y. Xia, A. Brodsky, L.W. Burgess, R.E. Synovec, Anal. Chem. Vol. 74(1):177-84 (2002)

"Near-infrared emissions in single-bubble and multi-bubble sonoluminescence", T. J. Matula, J. Guan, and L. A. Crum, A. L. Robinson and L. W. Burgess, Phys. Rev. E, 64 026310 (2001)

"Cooperative effects in multi-bubble sonoluminescence", A. M. Brodsky, L.W. Burgess and A.L. Robinson, Ultrasonics, 39 97 (2001)

"Low Coherence Interferometry in Random Media II. Experimental", S. Thurber L. Burgess A. Brodsky P. Shelley, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 17 2034 (2000)

"The Characterization of Random Media by Low Coherence Interferometry", S. R. Thurber, A. M. Brodsky, and L. W. Burgess, App. Spec., 54 1506 (2000)

“Development of a positive pressure driven micro-fabricated liquid chromatographic analyzer through rapid prototyping with poly(dimethylsiloxane); Optimizing chromatographic efficiency with sub-nanoliter injections.”, P. G. Vahey, S. H. Park, B. J. Marquardt, Y. Xia, L. W. Burgess, and R. E. Synovec, Talanta, 51, 1205 (2000)

"Raman Waveguide Detector for Liquid Chromatography.", B. J. Marquardt, P. G. Vahey, R. E. Synovec and L. W. Burgess, Anal. Chem., 71 4808 (1999)

"Grating Light Reflection Spectroscopy.", S. A. Smith, A. M. Brodsky, and L.W. Burgess, Appl. Spectrosc., 52 332A (1998)

"Hydrodynamical Perturbation Effects in Sonoluminescence", D. Kuhns, A.M. Brodsky, and L.W. Burgess, Phys. Rev. E, 57 1702 (1998)

"Miniature FlowProbeTM Chemical Sensor", L. Moore, D.J. Veltkamp, J. L. Cortina, Z. Lin, and L.W. Burgess, Sens. and Actuators B: Chemical, 38-39 130 (1997)

"Grating Light Reflection Spectroscopy of Colloids and Suspensions", B. B. Anderson, L.W. Burgess, and A. M. Brodsky, Langumir, 13 4273 (1997)

"Evanescent Fiber-Optic Chemical Sensor for Monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds in Water", D.S. Blair, L.W. Burgess, and A.M. Brodsky, Anal. Chem., 69 2238 (1997)

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