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Gary D. Christian

Gary D. Christian, PhD.Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D. University of Maryland, 1964

(Analytical Chemistry)

(206) 543-1635


Research Interests

Professor Christian’s research interests include flow and sequential injection analysis and related techniques.

Representative Publications

"Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of As (III) and As (V) using Molybdate Reagent with Solid Phase Extraction In-Valve Column", K. Grudpan, N. Worakijcharoenchai, P. Sooksamiti, J. Jakmunee, and G. D. Christian, Indian J. Chem. (CSIR Platinum Jubilee Special Volume on Analytical Chemistry), 42A, 2939-2944 (2003).

"Flow Analysis and Its Role and Importance in the Analytical Sciences", G. D. Christian, Anal. Chim. Acta (Special Issue on Flow Analysis IX), 499, 5-8 (2003).

"Characterization and Use of a Raman Liquid-Core Waveguide Sensor Using Preconcentration Principles," S. Tanikkul, J. Jakmunee, M. Rayanakron, K. Grudpan, B. J. Pranzen, L. W. Burgess, G. D. Christian, R. E. Synovec. Talanta (2003), 59, 809.

"Flow Methods for Analytical Solutions," G. D. Christian. Annals of West University of Timisoara (Proceedings of 2nd Romanian Internationsal Conference on Analytical Chemistry) (2002), 11, 165.

"Determination of Trace Iron in Beer using Flow Injection Systems with In-Valve Column and Bead Injection," P. Ampan, S. Lapanantnoppakhun, J. Jakmunee, S. Kradtap Hartwell, S. Jayasvati, G. D. Christian, K. Grudpan. Talanta (2002), 58, 1327.

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Awards & Activities

Honorary Member, Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 2006

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Chemistry), Chiang Mai University, Thailand, January 28, 2005

Thailand Research Fund Senior Scholar Silver Award, 2004

JAFIA Scientific Honor Award Medal, Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, 2003

ACS Fisher Award in Analytical Chemistry

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award for Excellence in Teaching

Fulbright-Hays Scholar, Belgium

Medal of Honor, Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Talanta Gold Medal

Charles University Commemorative Medal

Geoff Wilson Medal, Deakin University

Joint-Editor-in Chief, Talanta

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