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Larry Dalton

Representative Publications

L. R. Dalton, “Theory-Inspired Development of Organic Electro-Optic Materials,” Thin Solid Films, 518, 428-431 (2009).
L. R. Dalton, P. Sullivan, D. H. Bale, S. Hammond, B. C. Olbricht, H. Rommel, B. E. Eichinger, and B. H. Robinson, "Organic Photonic Materials," in Tutorials in Complex Photonic Media, M. Noginov, M. W. McCall, G. Dewar, and N. I. Zheludev, eds., SPIE Press, Bellingham, WA (2009) Chapter 16, pp 535-574.
L. R. Dalton, “Electro-optic polymers,” McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology 2009, MaGraw-Hill, New York, 2009, pp. 99-102.
H. Sun, A. Chen, and L. R. Dalton, “A Reflective Microring Notch Filter and Sensor,” Optics Express, 17 (13), 10731-10737 (2009).
H. Sun, A. Chen, and L. R. Dalton, “Enhanced Evanescent Confinement in Multiple-Slot Waveguides and Its Application in Biochemical Sensing,” IEEE Photonics Journal, 1(1), 48-57 (2009).
H. Sun, A. Chen, A. Szep, and L. R. Dalton, “Efficient Fiber Coupler for Vertical Silicon Slot Waveguides,” Optical Express, 17, 22571-22577 (2009).
J. Takayesu, M. Hochberg, T. Baehr-Jones, E. Chan, G. Wang, P. A. Sullivan, Y. Liao, J. Davies, L. R. Dalton, A. Scherer, and W. Krug, “A Hybrid Electro-Optic Microring Resonator-Based 1x4x1 ROADM for Wafer Scale Optical Interconnects,” IEEE J. Lightwave Technology, 27 (4), 440-448 (2008).
T. Baehr-Jones, B. Penkov, J Huang, P. A. Sullivan, J. Davies, J. Takayesu, J. Luo, T.-D. Kim, L. R. Dalton A. K.-Y. Jen, M. Hochberg, and A. Scherer, “Nonlinear Polymer-Clad Silicon Slot Waveguide Modulator with a Half Wave Voltage of 0.25 V,” Appl. Phys. Lett., 92, 163303-1-3 (2008).
A. Pyayt, B. Wiley, Y. Xia, A. Chen, and L. R. Dalton, “Integration of Silver Nanowire Plasmonic and Photonic Waveguides,” Nature Nanotechnology, 3, 660-665 (2008).
B. C. Olbricht, P. A. Sullivan, G.-A. Wen, A. Mistry, J. A. Davies, T. R. Ewy, B. E. Eichinger, B. H. Robinson, P. J. Reid, and L. R. Dalton, “Laser-Assisted Poling of Binary Chromophore Materials,” J. Phys. Chem. C, 112 (21), 7983-7988 (2008).
J. A. Davies, A. Elangovan, P. A. Sullivan, B. C. Olbricht, D. H. Bale, T. R. Ewy, C. M. Isborn, B. E. Eichinger, B. H. Robinson, P. J. Reid, X. Li, and L. R. Dalton, “Rational Enhancement of Second-order Nonlinearity:  Bis-(4-methoxyphenyl)-heteroaryl-amino Donor-Based Chromophores—Design, Synthesis, and Electro-optic Activity,” J. Am. Chem. Soc., 130 (32), 10565-10575 (2008).
Y.-J. Cheng, J. Luo, S. Huang, X.-H.Zhou, Z. Shi, T.-D. Kim, D. H. Bale, S. Takahashi, A. Yick, B. M. Polishak, S.-H. Jang, L. R. Dalton, P. J. Reid, W. H. Steier, and A. K.-Y. Jen, “Donor-Acceptor Thiolated Polyenic Chromophores Exhibiting Large Optical Nonlinearity and Excellent Photostability,” Chem. Mater., 20 (15), 5047-5054 (2008).
T.-D. Kim, J. Lao, Y.-J. Cheng, Z. Shi, S. Hau, S.-H. Jang, X.-H. Zhou, Y. Tian, B. Polishak, S. Huang, H. Ma, L. R. Dalton, and A. K.-Y. Jen, “Binary Chromophore Systems in Nonlinear Optical Dendrimers and Polymers for Large Electro-Optic Activities,” J. Phys. Chem. C, 112 (21), 8091-8098 (2008).
S. R. Hammond, O. Clot, K. A. Firestone, D. H. Bale, M. Haller, G. D. Phelan, B. Carlson, A. K.-Y. Jen, P. J. Reid, and L. R. Dalton, “Site-Isolated Electro-optic Chromophores Based on Substituted 2,2’-Bis(3,4-propylenedioxythiophene) p-Conjugated Bridges,” Chem. Mater., 20 (10), 3425-3434 (2008).
M. J. Cho, D. H. Choi, P. A. Sullivan, A. J. P. Akelaitis, and L. R. Dalton, “Recent Progress in Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Polymers and Dendrimers,” Progress in Polymer Science, 33, 1013-1058 (2008).
A. Chen, H. Sun, A. Pyayt, L. R. Dalton, J. Luo, and A. K.-Y. Jen, “Microring Resonators Made in Poled and Unpoled Chromophore-Containing Polymers for Optical Communication and Sensors,” IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quant. Electronics,” 14, 1281-1288 (2008).
P. A. Sullivan, B. C. Olbricht, and L. R. Dalton, “Advances in Organic Materials for Optical Modulation,” IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 26 (15), 2345-2354 (2008).

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Awards & Activities

AFRL Materials, Manufacturing & Enabling Technologies Lecture Series, Dayton (2004)
George B. Kauffman Professor of Chemistry & Electrical Engineering (2003)
Chemistry of Materials Award of the American Chemical Society (2003)
Eastman Lecturer, University of Akron (2003)
Inaugural Lecturer of the National Science Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series (2002)
2003 Chemistry of Materials Award of the American Chemical Society (National Award)
Distinguished Alumni Award of Michigan State University (2000)
Richard C. Tolman Medal, Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society (1996)
Paul C. Cross Lectureship, University of Washington (1996)
NASA Lecturer, 54th Frontiers in Chemistry Lecture Series, Case Western University (1995)
Harold & Lillian Moulton Professor of Chemistry, University of Southern California (1994)
University of Southern California Associates Award for Creativity in Research and Scholarship (1990)
Burlington Northern Foundation Faculty Achievement Award (1986)
Executive Director/Director, National Science Foundation Science & Technology Center on Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research
Research Fellow, University of Washington School of Business
Leader, NSF Nanotechnology Integrated Research Team on Optoelectronic Materials
Scientific Co-Director, Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute, University of Southern California
Director, MURI Center for Smart Skin Materials
Director, MURI Center for Materials and Processing at the Nanometer Scale
NIH Research Career Development Awards (Two Awards, 1976-81)
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award (1975-77)
Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (1974-77)

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