Samson Jenekhe

Representative Publications

"Self-Assembly of Ordered Microporous Materials from Rod-Coil Block Copolymers.", S. A. Jenekhe, and X. L. Chen, Science, 283 372 (1999).

"Electroluminescence and Photophysical Properties of Polyquinolines.", X. Zhang, A. S. Shetty, and S. A. Jenekhe, Macromolecules, 32 7422 (1999).

"X-ray Crystal Structures and Photophysical Properties of New Conjugated Oligoquinolines.", A. S. Shetty, E. B. Liu, R. L. Lachicotte, and S. A. Jenekhe, Chem. Mater., 11 2292 (1999).

"Self-assembled Aggregates of Rod-Coil Block Copolymers and Their Solubilization and Encapsulation of Fullerenes.", X. L. Chen, and S. A. Jenekhe, Science, 279 1903 (1998).

"Tunability of the Photoluminescence in Porous Silicon Due to Different Polymer Dielectric Environments.", H. A. Lopez, X. L. Chen, S. A. Jenekhe, and P. M. Fauchet,  J. Lumin., 80 115 (1998).

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Awards & Activities

Honeywell Star Inventor Award

Editorial Board, Macromolecules

Editorial Board, Chemistry of Materials

Director, MURI Center for Tunable Optical Polymer Systems.

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