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Werner Kaminsky

Werner Kaminsky, PhD.Research Associate Professor

Department Crystallographer

Habilitation, University of Cologne, 2000 Ph.D. University of Cologne, 1990

(Physical Crystallography)

(206) 543-7585



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Research Interests

The research is aiming at the correlation between atomic structure and observed optical properties.
New chiral substances are synthesized as models for structure-feature studies, for example from adding chiral ligands to Isothyocyanates. These new substances crystallize well and allow a multitude of variations of their chemistry while being strongly structurally related.

New optical measurement techniques are developed to collect data on chiroptical properties like optical rotation, Faraday Effect, circular dichroism, the electro-optic effect, and electrogyration. Such new methods allow to measure optical rotation in any transparent crystal,  to simultaneously detect transmission, retardation and extinction angles of heterogeneous materials (millipol), and to image circular extinction in solids.

Semi-empirical models are developed to be applied to the visible spectral range of light which allow calculating electrogyration, the electro-optic effect and the d-coefficients for frequency doubling, using the atomic structure and empirical polarizability volumes for the individual atoms.

X-ray structure determination and chemical analysis as part of the duties for the UW Department of Chemistry complement these studies.

I devoted some of my time to the development of software packages to aid the teaching of physical crystallography. This resulted in one program for the presentation of tensorial features in form of representation surfaces (WinTensor for Windows) and another program for the presentation of crystal morphology as virtual reality models (WinXMorph for Windows).




Representative Publications

"Absolute Configuration of Beer's Bitter Compounds." J. Urban, C. Dahlberg, B. Carroll, W. Kaminsky, Angewandte Chemie 52 (2013) 1553-1555

"A quantitative collagen fibers orientation assessment using birefringence measurements: calibration and application to human osteons." E. M. Spiesz, W. Kaminsky and P. K. Zysset, J. of Biomechanics 176, 302-306, (2011)

"Dioxygen Activation by a Ruthenium(II) Complex Promoted by Protonation in the Second Coordination Sphere." T. A. Tronic, M. Rakowski-DuBois, W. Kaminsky, M. K. Coggins, T. Lui, J. M. Mayer, Angewandte Chemie int. ed 50, 10936-10939, (2011)

"Preparation of a Dihydrogen Complex of Cobalt." T. J. Hebden, A, J. St. John, D. G. Gusev, W. Kaminsky, K. I. Goldberg, D. M. Heinekey, Angewandte Chemie int. ed 50, 1873-1876, (2011)

"Circular Dichroism Tensor of a Triarylmethyl Propeller in Sodium Chlorate Crystals." Y.Bing, D. Selassie, R.H. Paradise, C. Isborn, N.Kramer, M. Sadilek, W. Kaminsky, B. Kahr, JACS 132, 7454-7465, (2010)

"Structure, morphology and optical properties of chiral  N-(4-X-phenyl)-N-[1(S)-1-phenylethyl]thiourea, X= Cl, Br, and NO2." W. Kaminsky, D. Responte, D. Daranciang, J. B. Gallegos, B.-C. N. Tran, T.-A. Pham, Molecules 15, 554-569, (2010)

"Herapathite." B.Kahr, J. Freudenthal, S. Phillips, W. Kaminsky, SCIENCE 324, 1407, (2009)


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