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Philip J. Reid

Representative Publications

C. C. Cooksey and P. J. Reid, “Femtosecond Pump-Probe Studies of Dichlorine Monoxide in Solution,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 107, 5508-5514 (2003).

J. B. Benedict, P. M. Wallace, P. J. Reid, S.-H. Jang, and B. Kahr, “Up-conversion Luminescence in Dye Doped Crystals of Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate,” Advanced Materials, 15, 1068-1070 (2003).

C. Brooksby, O. V. Prezhdo, and P. J. Reid, “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Photo-Excited OClO Solvation by Water,” Journal of Chemical Physics, 118, 4563-4572 (2003).

P. M. Wallace, J. C. Bolinger, S. C. Hayes and P. J. Reid, "On The Actinic Wavelength Dependence of OClO Photochemistry In Solution,” Journal of Chemical Physics, 118, 1183-1190 (2003).

P. J. Reid, C. Loftus, and C. C. Beeson, "Evaluating the Potential of fluorinated Tyrosines as Spectroscopic Probes of Local Protein Environment: A UV Resonance Raman Study," Biochemistry, 42, 2441-2448 (2003).

B. P. Barham and P. J. Reid, "UV Resonance Raman Studies of NOCl in Solution," Chemical Physics Letters, 361, 49-56 (2002).

S. C. Hayes, P. Wallace, J. Bolinger, and P. J. Reid†, “Investigating the Phase-Dependent Photochemical Reaction dynamics of Chlorine Dioxide using Resonance Raman Spectroscopy,” (invited), International Reviews in Physical Chemistry, T. S. Zwier and J. Huston, Eds., Taylor and Francis, LTD, London, vol. 21, pp. 404-432 (2002).

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Awards & Activities

Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (Washington), 1999

Research Corp. College Cottrell Fellowship (Washington), 1998

National Science Foundation CAREER Award (Washington), 1997

Camille and Henry Dreyfus New Faculty Award (Washington), 1995

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