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Jaromir (Jarda) Ruzicka

Jaromir Ruzicka, PhD. Emeritus Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D. Charles University (Prague), 1967

(Analytical Chemistry)

Affiliate Professor of Oceanography

University of Hawaii, Manoa

(808) 664 - 9339


Research Interests

Integration of reagent-based assays with analytical instruments is a central task for research and routine analytical work in such diverse fields as biochemistry, environmental assays, agricultural assays, biotechnology, oceanography and clinical chemistry. Regardless of whether the end measurement is carried out by a simple detector (such as a spectrophotometer) or a sophisticated one (ICP-MS), the execution of the preceding “wet chemistry” steps, where reagent and sample solution are brought together to react under controlled conditions, is critical to the success of any assay. Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), which Professor Ruzicka founded with Elo Hansen in 1974, fulfilled this role with unexpected success, as documented by over 18,000 papers and 20 monographs published on FIA, and sequels Sequential Injection (SI) and Sequential Injection Chromatography .

The versatility of the Sequential Injection technique, initially designed at CPAC, and miniaturized in the “lab-on-valve” format has been recognized worldwide. microSI is now used as a "front end" for spectroscopic and electrochemical detectors, Mass Spectrometry, atomic absorption, FT-IR, ICP, and capillary electrophoresis. Researchers in the Ruzicka group (Andrea Carroll, Ilkka Lähdesmäki, Louis Scampavia, Yan Chen-Gutzman, Holger Erxleben, Chao Wu and Craig Schultz) designed and perfected novel techniques for study of cellular events based on SI and Bead Injection Spectroscopy. In recent years, this core research activity of the Ruzicka group was carried out in close cooperation with Professor Peter Rabinovitch (UW Pathology) and financially supported by National Institutes of Health.

FIA techniques have been used in chemical oceanography for many years and, therefore, use of SI is the next logical step in the development of even more reliable and precise methodology. It is a privilege, and a new challenge, to be able to work with Professor Chris Measures’ group at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, on the design of automated systems to be used on board a ship or for deployment in the ocean.

Representative Publications

“Retro-review of Flow Injection Aanalysis.” J. Ruzicka and E.H.Hansen. Trends in Analytical Chemistry 2008, 27 (5).


“From Beaker to Programmable Microfluidics.” J. Ruzicka in “Advances in Flow Injection and Related Techniques,” S.D.Kolev and I.D.McKelvie, Ed. Elsevier 2008.


In-situ monitoring of H2O2 degradation by live cells using voltammetric detection in a lab-on-valve system.” I. Lahdesmaki, Young K. Park, A. D. Carroll, M. Decuir, J Ruzicka, Analyst 2007, 132, 811–817.


“Immobilization of proteins on agarose beads, monitored in real time by beadinjection spectroscopy.” J. Ruzicka,* A. D. Carroll, and I. Lahdesmaki. Analyst 2006, 131, 799–808.


"Flow Injection Analysis." J. Ruzicka, Anal. Chem. 2010, 72, 212A-217A.

"Lab on-valve: Microflow Analyzer Based on Sequential and Bead Injection." J. Ruzicka, Analyst 2000, 125, 1053.


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Awards & Activities

  • Gold Medal, Charles University (2015)
  • Meigunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship, University of Melbourne (2012)
  • Talanta Medal
  • Torben Bergman Medal by Swedish Chemical Society
  • Gairn Award by European Economic Community
  • Walters Symposium Award, Analytical Society of Pittsburgh
  • Silver Medal by Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Memorial Medal for Scientific Achievement by University of Warsaw, Poland


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