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Jaromir Ruzicka

Representative Publications

“Retro-review of Flow Injection Aanalysis” J. Ruzicka and E.H.Hansen. Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 27, No. 5, 2008

“From Beaker to Programmable Microfluidics” J. Ruzicka in “Advances in Flow Injection and Related Techniques” S.D.Kolev and I.D.McKelvie Ed. Elsevier 2008.

“In-situ monitoring of H2O2 degradation by live cells using voltammetric
detection in a lab-on-valve system” I. Lahdesmaki, Young K. Park, A. D. Carroll, M. Decuir J Ruzicka¨ Analyst, 2007, 132, 811–817

“Immobilization of proteins on agarose beads, monitored in real time by beadinjection spectroscopy” J. Ruzicka,* A. D. Carroll and I. Lahdesmaki  Analyst, 2006, 131, 799–808

"Flow Injection Analysis," J. Ruzicka, Anal. Chem., 72, 212A-217A (2000). 212A-217A (2000).
"Lab on-valve: Microflow Analyzer Based on Sequential and Bead Injection", J. Ruzicka, Analyst, 125, 1053, (2000).

“A novel approach for monitoring extracellular acidification rates,: based on bead injection spectrophotometry and the lab-on-valve system” H.A. Erxleben M. K. Manion,, D. M. Hockenbery,L. Scampaviaand J. Ruzicka   Analyst , 1 2 9 , 2 0 5 – 2 1 2 (2004)

"Microsequential Injection: Anion Separations Using Lab-on-valve’ Coupled with Capillary Electrophoresis", Chao-Hsiang Wu, L. Scampavia and J. Ruzicka, Analyst, 127, 898, (2002).

"Microsequential Injection: Fermentation Monitoring of Ammonia, Glycerol, Glucose and Free Iron, using the Novel Labonvalve System," Chao-Hsiang Wu, L. Scampavia and J. Ruzicka: Analyst, 126, 291 (2001)

"Microsequential Injection: Environmental Monitoring of Nitrate, Ammonia, and Phosphate in Water Using Labonvalve System Furnished with a Microcolumn", Chao-Hsiang Wu, and J. Ruzicka: Analyst, 126, 1947 (2001).

"Equilibrium and Kinetic Measurements of Muscarinic Receptor Antagonism on Living Cells Using Bead Injection Spectroscopy", P. Hodder, C. Beeson and J. Ruzicka, Anal. Chem., 72, 3109 (2000).

"Detection of Oxygen Consumption of Cultured Adherenet Beads by Injection Spectroscopy., I. Lahdesmaki , L. Scampavia , C. Beeson and J. Ruzicka, Anal. Chem., 71, 5248 (2000).

"Novel Flow Injection Methods for Drug-Receptor Interaction Studies, Based on Probing Cell Metabolism," I. Lahdesmaki, J. Ruzicka and A. Ivaska, Analyst, 125, 1889 (2000).

"Flow Injection Microscopy for the Study of Intracellular Calcium Mobilization by Muscarinic Agonists," Wendy Lee Connors and Jaromir Ruzicka, Analytical Biochemistry, 268, 377-382 (1999).

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Awards & Activities

  • Talanta Medal
  • Torben Bergman Medal by Swedish Chemical Society
  • Gairn Award by European Economic Community
  • Walters Symposium Award, Analytical Society of Pittsburgh
  • Silver Medal by Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Memorial Medal for Scientific Achievement by University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Scientific Award by Japanese Society for Flow Injection Analysis
  • Honorary Membership of Japanese Society for Analytical Chemistry
  • Fulbright Professor, Czech Republic 2003
  • R. Kellner Lectureship by European Association of Analytical Sciences 2004
  • Hanus Medal Czechoslovak Academy of Science 2008
  • Memorial Medal, Faculty of Nuclear Engineering, Technical University, Prague

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