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Graduate School Information

Graduate School Information --- Information and time line for applying to graduate school.


Post-Baccalaureate Research and Education Program (PREP)

PREP is an NIH-funded post-baccalaureate training program, designed to enhance the ability of individuals in the biomedical sciences to gain entry to, and succeed in, nationally-recognized PhD programs.


ACS Bridge Program:

The American Chemical Society Bridge Program assists talented underrepresented minority (URM) students get into and succeed in graduate school. Students who have not applied to graduate school or have applied but were unsuccessful, or would benefit from additional coursework or research experience, are eligible to apply.


High School Teacher Certification

The UW does not offer an undergraduate teacher certification program. The teacher certification program at the UW is a graduate program, and requires an undergraduate degree as a prerequisite for entrance to the program. The Teacher Education Program (Master in Teaching) at the UW offers programs for those interested in teaching at the elementary or secondary level. Students completing the elementary program earn a Washington Residency Certificate granted by the State of Washington endorsed for elementary education. Secondary program students are endorsed for specific subjects. Graduates of both programs are eligible to teach in middle schools. Secondary teaching in chemistry requires that students complete the courses determined by the UW Department of Chemistry to meet the State of Washington requirements. Schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Department of Chemistry for an updated listing of required courses.



UW Center for Career Services is a great resource.

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