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Matriculated status is reserved for students who have met competitive admission standards and who are enrolled primarily for the purpose of earning a degree. Non-matriculated students are students who are not formally admitted to the UW and who want to take courses for credit. Although matriculated students are given priority in registering for courses, non-matriculated students may enroll in courses on a space-available basis through UW Educational Outreach.

The procedures for registering for chemistry courses as a non-matriculated student are listed below:


Registration is on a space available basis only. The chemistry department will not sign the non-matriculated registration forms until the third day of the quarter in Bagley Hall 303. Students who wish to take 100 and 200 level courses may obtain the appropriate signatures (department and professor) in Bagley Hall 303. Students wishing to register for Chem 142 must show their placement into the course either through having taken Chem 110, passing the Chem 142 Placement Test offered through the Office of Educational Assessment, or have an AP Chemistry score of 1 or higher. Information about the Placement test can be found on our web site under the Chem Placement Exams menu.


Students who wish to take 300 and 400 level chemistry courses should obtain the instructor’s signature on the non-matriculated registration form and then present the form to the staff in Bagley Hall 303 on the third day of quarter to obtain the department signature. Official enrollment in state-funded University courses will be confirmed no later than the end of the second week of the quarter. If official enrollment cannot be completed by the end of the second week of the quarter, you will be issued a full refund.


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