Study Abroad

Exploration Seminars

The UW College of Arts & Sciences offers month long study abroad courses called "Exploration Seminars." These seminars are designed as 5-credit courses ocurring late August through mid-September. Seminar descriptions as well as online applications are available at the Exloration Seminar website.



The Department of Chemistry is a member of the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP), a program for one-for-one exchange of undergraduate chemistry or biochemistry majors between U.S. and European universities.


Through TASSEP, students may take courses satisfying their UW requirements during a quarter or longer in residence at a European university that participates in TASSEP (typically students are gone for the academic year). Students should have completed general and organic chemistry, calculus, and physics courses by the time of departure for study abroad. Note that the non-English countries require a level of fluency through the second year of a foreign language as courses will be taught in the native language. UW students will continue to pay only regular UW tuition as a part of the exchange program. Please consult with the chemistry/biochemistry advisors for more details regarding TASSEP.* More information on applying to TASSEP can be found here.


International Programs and Exchanges

There are also many other opportunities to study abroad, which hundreds of students do each year. Information about study abroad programs is available through the International Programs & Exchanges Office, located in 516 Schmitz Hall. The UW has its own campus in Rome, making Italy the most visited country. You can pick up foreign language credits and many electives this way. Study abroad can prove to be an invaluable learning and life-changing experience.


The Universidad Complutense in Spain is involved in TASSEP.

Some of the European universities involved in TASSEP are University of Strathcylde (Scotland); Aarhus University (Denmark); University of Amsterdam (Holland); Universite Joseph Fourier (France); Lund University (Sweden); the Technical University of Berlin; ETH (Zurich); University of Bologna (Italy); University of Ioannina (Greece); and Universidad Complutense (Spain) (pictured above).

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