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The UW Study Abroad Office provides hundreds of study abroad and internship options to UW students. Students should visit the Study Abroad web site or the Study Abroad office in Schmitz Hall room 459 to explore all the various opportunities. 


University Exchanges: UW has more than 70 student exchanges with universities around the world that are available to  undergraduate and graduate students in most fields of study. Exchange participants pay an exchange fee equal to UW  tuition and attend regular classes at the partner university for a semester or an academic year. Instruction is generally in the language of the host country.


UW Programs offer students the opportunity to study abroad with programs organized and taught by UW faculty. UW Program dates generally correspond  with UW term dates. Participants receive 12-15 UW credits for full quarter options and 6-15 credits for Summer A or Summer B programs.


Exploration Seminars are short term (3-4 week) seminars led by UW faculty.  The Exploration Seminars take place during the gap period between the end of the UW summer quarter and beginning of autumn quarter. Most Exploration Seminars do not require foreign language background. Students earn five credits for the seminar.


Affiliated Programs are UW approved study abroad options administered by other universities, study abroad program providers, or foreign language schools. Depending on the program, instruction may be in English, the language of the host country, or a combination of the two.  Some Affiliated Programs focus on specific topics while others offer a wide range of course options in various subjects to meet student needs.  Affiliated programs vary in length from one quarter, to one semester, to an entire year.  Participants receive regular UW credit for coursework completed.


IE3 internships are geared toward students who would like to integrate academic credit with on-the-job experience and gain professional and cultural skills abroad.  Internships are available in a variety of non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and private organizations around the world.  Host organizations provide supervision and logistical support for students in the host country.  Many internships require foreign language proficiency, though numerous English language internships are available.  IE3 Internships are well-suited for self-motivated, independent students who desire hands-on, practical experience abroad.



The Department of Chemistry is a member of the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP) which is a one-for-one student exchange program of undergraduate chemistry or biochemistry majors between U.S. and European universities. Through TASSEP, students may take courses satisfying their UW requirements during a quarter or longer in residence at a European university that participates in TASSEP (typically students are gone for the academic year). Students should have completed general and organic chemistry, calculus, and physics courses by the time of departure for study abroad. Note that the non-English countries require a level of fluency through the second year of a foreign language as courses will be taught in the native language. UW students will continue to pay only regular UW tuition as a part of the exchange program. Please consult with the chemistry/biochemistry advisors for more details regarding TASSEP.* More information on applying to TASSEP can be found here.



The Universidad Complutense in Spain is involved in TASSEP.

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