Final Examination – Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Gayani Perera, who defended her Ph.D. work “Chemical Proteomic Tools for Studying Protein Kinase Active Sites” on August 2. Gayani was a graduate student in Professor Dustin Maly’s laboratory since 2006 and was involved in designing and synthesizing small molecule inhibitors that can be utilized in a variety of applications to study protein kinases. She is excited to return to the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, and resume duties at the Department of Chemistry, University of Colombo.

Final Examination – Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Ryan Wilson, who defended his Ph.D. work “Novel Injection Techniques to Enable Fast, High Peak Capacity Gas Chromatography Separations” on August 7. He has worked for the past five years as a graduate student in Professor Rob Synovec’s lab to develop fast, multi-dimensional GC separations. Ryan will remain in Seattle to work in Boeing Research and Technology’s North West Analytical Labs.

Chemistry graduate student attends Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Jonathan Litz, a  graduate student in the research group of Assistant Professor David Masiello, recently attended the 2012 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetingin Germany as a representative of the University of Washington. Jonathan was selected for this prestigious honor by the National Science Foundation. Since 1951, Nobel Prize winners and students in chemistry, physics, physiology and medicine have met annually in Lindau, located on Lake Constance in southwestern Germany. Approximately 550 students from over 70 countries attended the week-long meeting this year. The meeting consisted of formal lectures and an opportunity for students to meet informally with Nobel Laureate scientists, as well as with fellow students from around the world. Jonathan is pictured with Walter Kohn, a recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in chemistry “for his development of the density-functional theory.”

To learn more about Jonathan and his research with Professor Masiello, please visit Professor Masiello’s faculty page and research group site.