Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Services News

June 7, 2013

Final Examination – Dissertation Defense

MarneyCongratulations to Luke Marney, who defended his Ph.D. work “Metabolomics and the Development of Nontarget Discovery Analysis Methods for Two-dimensional Gas Chromatography Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry” on May 30. The aim of Luke’s graduate work was to develop new computational methods for GC x GC – TOFMS metabolomics investigations. Using novel signal processing, statistical, and machine learning principles, the developed software now reduces large complex GC x GC – TOFMS data sets down to only the most important chemical changes for a class comparison experiment. Luke is teaching Chemistry 321 this summer at the University of Washington and will be moving to London, UK, at the end of the summer and will continue work on new data analysis techniques as well as working on many different publication projects.