Department of Chemistry Graduate Student Services News

March 2, 2015

Rachel Eaton Selected as 2015 PNNL Graduate Fellow

Eaton 1Rachel (Rae) Eaton, a first-year graduate student in the research group of Assistant Professor Matthew Bush, has been selected as one of three inaugural PNNL Graduate Fellows. Rae’s research focuses on using native mass spectrometry to characterize the assembly, stoichiometry, and stability of proteins and protein complexes. Rae works with the emerging structures for lossless ion manipulation (SLIM), which she uses to expand the portfolio and information content of these gas-phase experiments. These experiments reveal biologically relevant data previously inaccessible using more traditional structural biology techniques. Rae earned B.A. degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Oberlin College in Ohio, focusing on bioanalytical chemistry. Though her family has lived in many places, she considers herself to be from Portland, Oregon, and accordingly likes hiking, DIY foodstuffs, and fiber arts.