Final Examination – Dissertation Defense

Jason SellersCongratulations to Jason R. V. Sellers, who defended his Ph.D. work, “Adsorption and Thin-Film Adhesion on Single-Crystalline Surfaces: Enthalpies, Entropies, and Kinetic Prefactors for Surface Reactions,” on November 12, 2013. As a student in the research group of Professor Charles Campbell, Jason’s work was focused on the design and construction of a new single crystal adsorption microcalorimeter for metal atom deposition. Jason will be sticking around the Department for a few months before leaving for a position in industry.

UW graduate Dr. Jason Farmer selected for Distinguished Dissertation

Chemistry Department graduate Dr. Jason A. Farmer’s dissertation, “Direct Measurements of Chemical Bonding at Solid Surfaces using a Unique Calorimetric Method: Towards Understanding Surface Chemistry in Energy Technologies” was selected by the University of Washington Graduate School as the university’s nomination for the 2010 CGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award in Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering. Dr. Farmer’s dissertation now enters the nation-wide competition administered by the Council of Graduate Schools. The award is based on “original work making an unusually significant contribution to the discipline”. Additionally, Dr. Farmer is the first author on a paper that recently appeared in Science. Congratulations Dr. Farmer!

Science Magazine article: