New Study Abroad Exchange with the Univesity of Exeter created

A new study abroad exchange has been created between the University of Washington College of Arts and Sciences and the University of Exeter.  Located just 2 hours away from London, Exeter is a city with over 2000 years of history.  The University is well known for its strength in the biomedical sciences.  Students interested in participating in the exchange should visit the Chemistry Advising Office in Bagley 303 and speak with one of the Chemistry advisers.

Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange

Two of our students recently returned from European study abroad opportunities available through the Trans Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program.  The program is a one-for-one exchange of undergraduate chemistry or biochemistry majors between U.S. and European universities.  Melvin Donaldson just returned from the Institut Pasteur in Paris where he completed research leading to his honors thesis for his BS Biochemistry degree. Kylie Nguyen attended  Lund University in Sweden where she completed courses for her BS Chemistry degree.  Next year’s participants include Ismael Diallo who will be traveling to Paris, Holly McKee who will be studying in Berlin, and Ryan Richmond who will be in Madrid.