Four students receive Levinson & Washington Research Scholarships

Congratulations to Zoha Syed, Jude Tunyi, Quynh Do, and Hyeon-Jin Kim who have been selected as Levinson Scholars/Washington Research Scholars!

syed-zohaZoha Syed is part of the Goldberg research group in the Department of Chemistry. Zoha’s research focus is alkane functionalization using iridium catalysts. In her undergraduate career, Zoha has had the opportunity to conduct and present her research around the country. After she graduates, Zoha hopes to pursue a career in research.

  • Jude Tunyi is part of the Pfaendtner Research Group in the Chemical Engineering Department. One of his projects focuses on increasing the stability of insulin using ionic liquid solutions with the goal of creating injectable insulin that lasts longer and acts faster in humans. Another project is the study of nanoparticles with drug molecules crossing the blood-brain barrier as a revolutionary method of drug delivery. After he graduates, Jude hopes to take a gap year to do more research at the NIH before going on to an MD/PhD program specializing in Neuroscience.
  • Quynh Do is working in the Luscombe lab in the department of Materials Science and Engineering on new materials for organic solar cells.  Her project focuses on solving the financial and environmental costs associated with the syntheses of π−conjugated polymers used as materials for organic solar cells through developing new coupling techniques.Her goal after getting her bachelor’s degree is to attend graduate school in a Ph.D program, potentially in Organic Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Hyeon-Jin Kim is a junior majoring in chemistry and biochemistry. In the spring quarter of his freshman year, he joined the Vaughan Group to help enhance super resolution techniques for bioimaging. His previous work involved developing methods that enable Expansion Microscopy with conventional antibodies and fluorescent proteins. Currently, he is collaborating with the Parrish Group from the Department of Biology to help them study dendrite-epidermis interactions in Drosophila.After graduation he plans to attend graduate school to study biological chemistry and to eventually pursue a career in academic research.