Team of UW undergraduate science majors wins iGEM genetic engineering contest

A team of 23 UW undergraduates science majors has won the prestigious iGEM genetic engineering competition. The UW undergrad members came from the departments of biochemistry, microbiology, bioengineering, materials science, and computer science. The team did months of lab work to genetically engineer microbes that could either produce diesel fuel or help treat the difficult digestion problems for people with gluten intolerance.

Team members from Biochemistry and Chemistry include:
Casey Ager, Juhye An,Sydney Gordon, Elaine Lai, Austin Moon, Seth Sagulo, Sarah Wolf, Sean Wu, and Lei Zheng.

This year’s faculty advisers were David Baker, a UW biochemistry professor who predicts proteins’ 3-D structures in order to design new proteins; Eric Klavins, whose research investigates how bacteria and other systems can self-organize and Herbert Sauro, a UW bioengineering associate professor who does computer-aided design of biochemical interactions.

The research done by these students will likely be published in a peer-reviewed science journal. Congratulations!

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