Goldwater Scholar

Congratulations to Michael Bocek who has has won the prestigious Goldwater scholarship.  Michael is a Biochemistry major at the University of Washington. He has done research in the department of Bioengineering  involving the design and evaluation of  polymer-based vectors to deliver therapeutic genes to neurons.  After graduation Michael plans to pursue a Ph.D in bioengineering, focusing on engineering bio-materials.  Afterwards, he hopes to go on to a scientific research career, either in academia or industry.


We are also happy to announce that Evan Boyle has been named as an honorable mention for the Goldwater Scholarship.  Evan is a Biochemistry and Microbiology double major, and works in the Gelb lab.  His lab work is aimed at characterizing a class of enzymes implicated in asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.  Evan wishes to counter the burgeoning wave of chronic conditions by pinpointing promising therapeutic targets in genetic technology.  After his undergraduate career, Evan will pursue a Ph.D in Genetics, and aspires to make a difference in medical outcomes for patients worldwide and to enhance the impact that biomedical research has on people’s lives.


Congratulation also go to Derek Nhan who has also been named an honorable mention for the Goldwater Scholarship.  Derek  is a junior majoring in Neurobiology and Biochemistry. He is currently performing research in Dr. Kyra Becker’s neurology lab focused on understanding the molecular and behavioral basis behind the systemic immune response to stroke. Currently, his project involves monitoring the consequences of post-stroke infection in an animal model and its impact on neurological outcome. After graduation, Derek plans to pursue a career in medical research and become involved in the development of targeted approaches for treatment of neurological disorders.

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