Below is a closer view of some details from the album leaf painting, The Knickknack Peddler.







Do you think this is the mother of the children?  What do you think are the relative ages of the children represented?


Is there anything in the appearance or behavior of the children that helps you identify their social class? 






Below is a detail of the basket on the left hand side of the painting. 




Can you determine by examining the goods that the peddler carries in stock who might be his most frequent customers?


Of the objects that you can identify, do the majority seem to be of a certain type or function? 






Aside from selling toys and small household items, itinerant merchants also offered professional services.


How do you think these peddlers would have made these services known to potential customers?


A sign at the bottom of the basket on the right (detail below), for instance, advertises this peddler's proficiency at doctoring cattle, horses, and small children (in that order). 







Note the necklaces the peddler is wearing around his neck; these advertise special skills as well. 


What services do you think these represent?