Individuals on the Street

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What different social groups do you see represented in this small gathering of people?  What do you think the individual at the center of the group might be doing  to draw their attention? 

As you look through this and the following details, you may notice that one social group seems proportionally under- represented.  What is that group, and what do you think accounts for its absence?  


How would you characterize the social interactions of the individuals in the detail below?  Can you tell from their gestures or facial expressions whether the persons they are addressing are of equal or lower social status?  Are these groups of strangers?  Do you think the personal space depicted around individuals throughout the scroll indicates familiarity with others close by, or is this in some measure an index of their social status?

In the two images below, what kind of social interchange do you think is taking place?  What does the posture of these individuals tell you about the level of formality in the relationship or interaction depicted?

What kind of drama is unfolding at right?  Take a close look at the clothing styles and especially the headgear of those on the boat.  What can you infer from their somewhat homogeneous appearance? Does anyone look out of place?

What  is depicted below?  Do you think this is a private residence? What are these men doing, and why do you think they would consider the second floor an ideal place for their activity?


The men to the right are sitting outside their place of employment.  

To what profession do you think they belong?




What is the social class or background of the man seated at the table below?  is he providing some type of services, or engaged in private activity on his own behalf?  What kinds of things are going on just outside this open doorway?  

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