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  • To create a forum for Heritage Students and educators.
  • To support educators for a better understanding of their heritage students linguistic needs.
  • To promote and create a professional development of materials for teaching HLS.
  • To establish partnerships among heritage students, educators, administrators and the community at large.


The UW Center for Heritage Learners provides a safe space in which heritage students can embrace their unique cultural and linguistic abilities by sharing, learning and developing their multilingual and multicultural abilities in a positive way through community-building, self-confidence, academic support services, and employment opportunities. The Center also provides a centralized clearinghouse for pedagogical resources; training and tools for Spanish language teachers to understand the heritage learning population improve their teaching techniques and empower students to value their linguistic and cultural capabilities.


UW Center for Heritage Learners builds local leaders through academic and cultural development in which students unique linguistic abilities empower them to be active global citizens. The Center’s clearinghouse gives teachers abundant pedagogical tools and collaborative opportunities to execute best practices in teaching heritage students.