Tdap Vaccine

How long does the vaccine last? 
It is recommended to get one dose of Tdap as a booster.
I had a tetanus booster already. What’s the difference? 
Tdap became available in the U.S. in June 2005. Tetanus (and Td) are different vaccines than Tdap, and do not substitute for Tdap. Only Tdap includes the vaccine component that can protect you against pertussis, which is commonly known as whooping cough.
How would I know which vaccine I got? 
Students at UW who are required to participate in the Health Sciences Immunization Program were provided with Tdap boosters on entry starting in 2007, and have been required to receive it since 2010. If in doubt, health sciences students can contact the HSIP to inquire about their status. Those with access to e-care via the student health center may want to check there first to see if a Tdap immunization is noted in that record.
Check any immunization records you have to see if they specify Tdap or Td. You can safely receive a Tdap booster even if you recently received plain tetanus or Td.
Ask your health care provider’s office which vaccine you received, if you do not have access to the record electronically.
How often do I need one? 
The CDC recommends you have one single Tdap booster, then continue with your regular tetanus or Td shot every 10 years.
Where can I get the immunization? 
On campus Hall Health Primary Care Center provides Tdap. If you are a student you just need to see the triage nurse to get an order. If you are not a student you must make an appointment with a provider to get an order for the immunization. If you have access to e-care you may want to check your status first to see if a Tdap immunization is already noted in your record.
Local pharmacies offer Tdap, you should call your pharmacy and check on its availability.
Your primary care doctor may offer Tdap
Your local health department
How much does the vaccine cost? 
The cost will vary depending on where you get it. It may range from $60-$100. The cost is covered by many health insurance plans; you need to check your insurance coverage.
Public Health is offering free Tdap to those who do not have health insurance. These free vaccine clinics are listed on the Seattle King County Public Health website