On page 3 of the HSIP form, it says “IGRA on or after 7/1/2014 for school year compliance”. Does that mean we should give the date of our last IGRA and submit the form as soon as possible; then have another one after 7/1/2014 and submit documentation for it later? Or, does it mean we should wait until after 7/1/2014 to do one, and then submit the form?


Students can meet the annual TB screening requirement by having an IGRA (blood test for TB) instead of the TB skin test, but it is at their own expense. If you are starting Autumn Quarter and have NOT previously had an IGRA, then,if sending in your form prior to July 1st, you should make a note on the form that you will have the test later, and send in the form without the IGRA.

After July 1st you can then send us an email with the attached lab report showing your result. Be sure to include your name, UW Student Number, and program (such as Nursing/BSN) in the email so we can match up your result with the form and documents you sent us earlier.

If you’ll be in classes during Summer Quarter and/or have a previous IGRA result then YES, you should include the result of the currently valid IGRA. In addition, you would follow the instructions for submitting the new result after July 1st to maintain compliance through Autumn Quarter and the 2014-15 school year.

Students at the Bothell campus are not always on an Autumn Quarter schedule for annual TB screening and should follow the specific instructions on page 3 of the Bothell HSIP form.