On-site clinic services, such as annual TB screening (PPDs) and Influenza vaccine (Flu shots), are being provided only to students in some schools/programs this year. Students in the schools/programs who receive on-site clinic services pay a different health fee than students in the schools/programs who don’t participate. How was this decision made?


This year the HS programs asked HSIP to allow them the flexibility of choosing whether their students would participate in on-site clinic services, depending on the needs and circumstances of their particular student cohort.

Schools/programs that chose not to participate determined that it would be more cost effective and convenient for their students to obtain annual flu immunizations and TB screening at community providers and submit documentation to HSIP.

Schools/programs that are participating in on-site clinic services decided it was more convenient for their students to receive services on campus as they’ve done in previous years (or be reimbursed for services in certain circumstances). The cost of operating the on-site clinic services has been calculated into the annual health fee for students in those schools/programs.

If students have questions or concerns related to whether their HS program is participating in an HSIP on-site clinic, they should address their question to their program’s student services staff.