I just started the Hepatitis B series and it will take about 6 months for me to finish it so I can’t meet the deadline. I won’t be able to finish all the pre-entry immunization requirements by the time I’m supposed to send the paperwork in. What should I do?


Please put a note on the form under the Hepatitis B section that says “Dose #3 and titer pending”` (or whatever the case may be). We will be able to tell by the dates on the documentation that you send in, when the next items are due. We’ll give you a “temporary” waiver of the requirement that lasts until the next item due date. As long as you keep sending us documentation when you complete each item, you will continue to be compliant. Our tracking database will report you as compliant to your school or program as long as we receive the further documentation from you on time. The CDC recommends that students complete their three-dose series prior to contact with patients or body fluids.  This means you should start meeting the requirement as soon as possible after admission to your program. Please put your name, student ID number, and school/program on all correspondence to us.