I thought I had the chicken pox in the past, but my titer didn’t come up positive (it was negative, or it may have been equivocal). Why would this happen? Should I just get one dose of vaccine since I know I already had the disease, or would I need 2 doses of vaccine given at least one month apart since the titer isn’t positive? Do I need to have the blood test again after the vaccine?


It sounds like either you had a light case that did not prompt your immune system to build permanent immunity, OR, perhaps the lab test just wasn’t sensitive enough to pick up your immunity.

If you have never had the chicken pox vaccine before, then you will need documentation of TWO doses. You can send us your documentation after receiving one dose and write “Dose #2 pending” on the required immunizations form. There is a minimum wait period of 1 month in between the two doses. If you forward the documentation of the second dose 4-6 weeks later then we’ll consider you to have remained compliant with the requirements. 

Please note, you should NOT repeat the varicella titer after receiving the immunizations. The CDC has stated that the currently available titer test may not be sensitive enough to detect immunity for individuals who have received the vaccine. The current standard of “immunity” is EITHER positive titer OR two doses of vaccine. So if you can show documentation of two doses of vaccine there is NO REASON to have another titer again.